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Moved in February 2024

I am an American expat and after 8 years in Europe needed to move back to California. Sirelo grabbed my info and within one week I’d been contacted by four reputable companies. Got three quotes and picked the one that did a great job in the end. I honestly did not know where to start and while I can speak ok French I didn’t want to search for movers in my non native language.

Comparing International Movers is Germany’s largest online moving platform. Since 2004, we helped thousands of people with their move to and from Germany, each year.

We have a big network of more than 400 experienced and certified international moving companies. They operate between Germany and the rest of the world. Whether you’re moving within Europe or overseas to another continent, we can help you with finding a mover that fits your needs. Compare 5 international movers and save 40% on your removal costs easily.

Why you should use our quote service to choose a Moving Company:

  • Our service is fast and easy: Filling in our quotation form will only take you around 1 minute. After you filled in the form, our international movers will contact you within 48 hours.
  • Our service helps you to save money: By comparing quotes from different moving companies, it is easy to save up to 40% on your removal costs.
  • Our service is safe and non-obligatory: We only work with certified and experienced international movers. This will result in a care-free move without any difficulties.
  • Our service and clients will help you move smarter: Thanks to the moving tips on our websites, but also thanks to our experienced movers, we can provide you with unique information about each step of the moving process.

Save on your International Removal Costs

In the moving process, it is very important that you always compare various quotes before you make your decision. Because moving isn’t a cheap thing to do, prices can be very different. Again, by comparing 5 of our moving quotes, you can easily save up to 40% on your costs.

The international removal companies that we work with, will be aware of your needs and will provide you with their best possible offer. All of our partners must also be part of a relevant international moving association, before they can join us. We will never send your information to a rogue company, or to companies that don’t have the skills to arrange your move.